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47-49 Greene Street, New York

R+R Studio had the opportunity to help with the design, merchandising, and detailing of this 7,300 SF retail space at 47-49 Greene Street in New York, currently occupied by a top ready-to-wear fashion brand as a tenant.

Tatel Restaurant at the Ritz Carlton, Miami Beach

Located in the historic Collins Avenue Ritz Carlton, the existing restaurant has Art Deco elements that were preserved and polished, with the opportunity to expand on Miami’s famed Deco movement.

Commercial Development Projects

Renderings and visualizations for a private equity developer client, with projects across the California and the West Coast.

The Cloud: Miami Design District

Integrated Building Systems: The “Cloud” Art and Performance Center was designed with all disciplines in mind: including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and landscape considerations as a concept generator for the building’s framework.

Block [5] Housing Development: Miami, FL

Decoding Development: Inhale the aroma of cigar smoke and Cafe Bustelo just to get a sense of Little Havana as a neighborhood. The backyard and patio is the primary collective space, allowing leisure to take priority.


We pride ourselves in being interior design supervillains. Finishes, Furniture, & Decor curated by us to invoke a space of grandiose: an elevated furnace burning with views of the city as a backdrop. A lair for the superhero before they’re called to action. A common area perfect for this high rise’s powerful guests: it celebrates marble in its deepest form, cut through stone, serving as a seismic backdrop.

Living Room and Foyer Interior Renovations, Royal Oaks, Miami

Living room design for a Miami home. Aesthetic: Contemporary Sublime.

Post-Modern Nook: We kept this one at budget and designed for ergonomic seating, accessible seat height, and cat-friendly space that would last long term. It’s permanent, yet ephemeral.